GoSecure Penetration Testing Services
Test Your Defenses

GoSecure Penetration Testing Services offer a comprehensive appraisal of an organization’s ability to identify threats and defend against attacks.

Penetration Testing programs deliver insights for organizations that want to understand:

  • Where and how adversaries can target their organization
  • Where and how data can be compromised
  • The impact attackers can have on the organization and its operations
  • Controls and/or remediation measures to improve the security of the organization

Rely on Penetration Testing from GoSecure to help identify the attack surface and spot potential risks and gaps. Working with experts, like the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) team at GoSecure, organizations can identify and remediate risks, which will help protect their people, their data and their assets from breaches.

GoSecure Penetration Testers still find 1 in 4 users have elected to use one of the All-Star passwords (i.e., Password123, CompanyName123). — Cybersecurity Perceptions vs Reality Report
Read the full report here

Know Your Risk to Mitigate Your Risk

GoSecure works with clients to understand their threat model, including industry and technology stack. This enables the expert intrusion testers to deliver a program that will identify the security risks posed by real world attackers, complete with recommended mitigations.

Penetration Testing programs from GoSecure identify exploits, flaws, issues with policies and other common security concerns to help improve cybersecurity posture and close gaps. Specialized engagements for code review, cloud testing, SAP testing and industrial / embedded devices are also available on request.

With an engagement designed by GoSecure, organizations can elect testing for:


External Network Security


Internal Network Security


Wireless Networks


Endpoints and Mobile Devices


Web Applications


Mobile Apps


Code Reviews


Physical Security


Cloud Testing


SAP Testing


Industrial / Embedded Device / IOT / SCADA


Social Engineering / Phishing Programs

GoSecure has resources with the background and experience to deliver the specialized tests across industries such as government, retail, infrastructure, finance, and more.

Custom, industry-based programs are available for clients who may want to include embedded or industrial device testing (IOT, SCADA, etc.) recommendations no matter what security technology an organization has implemented.

Clients receive a thoughtful assessment of the organization’s cybersecurity risks, as well as their ability to protect against specific types of threats. GoSecure provides clear reports with actionable insights to guide client security improvements. And, GoSecure can offer intrusion test activities and improvements recommendations no matter what security technology an organization has implemented.

Check out this page to learn more about how GoSecure Red & Purple Team Services help organizations improve security posture, boost security defenses, and provide expert guidance to enhance the skills of the in-house team.

In addition to these services, GoSecure offers a full suite of Custom Cybersecurity Consulting Services designed to meet the specific needs of your organization and optimize your cybersecurity programs. Every custom engagement is designed to your specifications. We work with you to understand your goals, evaluate your threat environment and attack surface, then collaborate with your in-house team to create a program that will elevate your security posture. We can also plan for knowledge transfer and mentoring sessions to help develop skills that the team within your organization is looking to build. See example GoSecure Custom Cybersecurity Consulting engagements on this page.

Ready to learn how the certified professionals at GoSecure can help identify your attack surface, find security risks and recommend mitigations?

Contact us to find out how we can help improve your security posture today!

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