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Introducing CounterTack’s New Senior Vice President of Sales

We are very pleased to introduce Kirk Appelman to the CounterTack team today as senior vice president of sales. Kirk, a veteran security executive, will be responsible for the direction and management of our sales operations, as well as driving CounterTack’s overall revenue growth.

Specializing in information security for more than a decade, Kirk holds more than 20 years’ experience in technology sales and sales management. He joins our team from Damballa, where he served as vice president of service provider solutions and established the company’s Telco/ISP business, which under his leadership became a substantial piece of the company’s overall revenue. He also established the company’s international presence by signing marquis clients across Europe and Asia. Prior to Damballa, he was a director of sales at Proofpoint, where he restructured and led the successful growth of the company’s business in the Eastern United States. Throughout his career, Kirk has also held sales leadership positions with McAfee, Juniper Networks and Internet Security Systems (ISS). You can read Kirk’s full bio here.

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A New Kind of Warfare: Should Enterprise Follow Suit?

The New York Times posted a thought-provoking editorial piece this weekend on our nation’s cyber security efforts and the intensifying focus the government is taking on developing offensive capabilities to combat our cyber adversaries – hackers, criminals and foreign governments, mainly China. But, the piece argues, we’re moving into potentially dangerous territory.

Furthermore, this notion of developing capabilities to “strike back” against cyber attackers has moved beyond the government sector to the enterprise. In recent months, more than a few security startups have made headlines with their bold statements on this controversial issue, urging corporations to take matters into their own hands as “cyber vigilantes,” taking proactive strikes against their attackers’ infrastructure.

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New CounterTack Study: A Cyber-readiness Reality Check

We recently commissioned a study of information security executives to gauge the state of cyber-readiness inside the enterprise. Today, we’re unveiling the complete study findings, along with corresponding in-depth analysis by Richard Stiennon, chief research analyst of IT-Harvest.

Here’s a brief look at some of the study highlights, along with an infographic illustrating key data:

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President Obama: Taking the Cyber Attack Threat Seriously

In a strongly worded Wall Street Journal op-ed last week, President Obama urged Congress to back Sen. Joe Lieberman’s Cybersecurity Act of 2012.

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Announcing Our New Partnership with HP

We’re thrilled to announce that CounterTack has partnered with HP and has received the HP ArcSight Common Event Format (CEF) certification for our flagship product, Event Horizon.

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Advanced Persistent "Threat"? Or an "in-progress attack"?

William Jackson's recent article in Government Computer News, "The Untimely Death of The Advanced Persistent Threat?" is an interesting read.  Apparently RSA and Mandiant no longer like the term "Advanced Persistent Threat."  (Aren't they the ones who defined it in the first place?). I share the concern they have with the term, but for a very different, more obvious reason.

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Virtual Machine Introspection: Think “Inside the Box”

“Even the best security technology and expertise can’t stop a well-funded and determined attacker,” writes Dark Reading’s Kelly Jackson Higgins.

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What We’re Reading Right Now

A number of recent industry articles have caught our attention lately – all highlighting the serious inadequacies of current security approaches and underscoring the need for fundamental and far-reaching changes. Here are a few of our must-reads for the week:

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Lateral Movement – A Critical Opportunity to Detect an In-progress Cyber Attack

Industry discussion and analysis of many recent high profile cyber attacks– such as the RSA and Sony breaches – indicate that these attacks each followed a distinct, multi-stage approach to penetrating the organization’s network, targeting sensitive data and successfully stealing it. There’s been a tremendous focus on stopping an initial breach, but little focus on the following stages. That needs to change.

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“If We Can’t See The Cyber Attack, We Can’t Stop It”

Sometimes it really helps to state the obvious.

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