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CounterTack Expands Across Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

900% Growth in 2015 Fueled by Demand for Endpoint Security Innovation; Comprehensive IOC Remediation, Network Security Detection and Integration; Endpoint Forensics

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The Students Have Become the Masters

Computer hacking has long been considered a young person’s game.  Since the first hackers really got started in the early 1980’s, the vision most people have in their head is a guy in his parent’s dingy basement, wearing some type of Marvel Super Hero tee shirt, surrounded by monitors and video game systems. 

There is no doubt that this particular stereotype exists for a reason.  On numerous occasions, attacks have been conducted by basement those dwellers.  Movies like “War Games” and “Hackers” perpetuated the teen hacker mantra, possibly even inspiring the next-generation of cyber attackers as computers and the internet began to hit its stride for personal and corporate use throughout the world.  With so many different avenues to take now between social media, smart phones and susceptible corporations, teenage cyber criminals are thriving. 

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The Era of Big Data EDR

Looking ahead to 2015 in cybersecurity, it really is vital to understand how the threat environment impacted organizations through exploits and breaches in 2014.

Toward the tail-end of the year it seemed like there was a new, major data leak or cyberattack in the headlines every week.  There was no pattern, no single industry targeted (no pun intended) and no actions taken to punish those involved, even if the attribution was defined and accurate, and there was a definitive perpetrator or organization to charge in the criminal act. (http://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/us-charges-five-chinese-military-hackers-cyber-espionage-against-us-corporations-and-labor)

Is there knowledge that can be gained from the cyberattacks of 2014? Yes. There's certainly a large amount of information that can be applied from the numerous hacks and breaches to understand trends and techniques, but the most important lesson to be learned from this past year may just be the fact that enterprise organizations are heading towards a new approach to endpoint security – Big Data Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). 

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The Unmeasured Cost of a Security Breach

Everything in today’s society is analytical.  Everyone wants to see the numbers associated with every piece of information available. Improvements in technology, namely Big Data, have made dollar amounts, stats and percentages readily available allowing us to measure everything now. 

As is the case for cyberattacks. In August, the New York Times had the cost of the Target breach at $148m, not including the drop in earnings on the stock market, or the total cost of the resources the company extended to recover from the hack – incident responders, PR teams etc.

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Gartner’s Top Security Trends and Takeaways: Intelligence Top of Mind and Honeypots on the Horizon

Last week, Gartner presented their Top Security Trends and Takeaways for 2013 that was led by Earl Perkins, Research VP. Perkins took a comprehensive look at the shifting challenges and opportunities within the cybersecurity field.

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CounterTack News Bulletin – May 6, 2013

What We’re Reading this Week

There are numerous options out there for enterprises looking to boost their cyber defenses – from downloadable freeware to seemingly impenetrable premium solutions, the array of options can seem endless. Though useful and important, nothing will keep today’s motivated cyber attackers from getting through. By now, many organizations have accepted this sobering truth, and have shifted their focus from keeping attackers OUT, to finding out what they are doing once they get IN. What motivates them? And how are they going to try to get what they’re after? We’ll examine this, and other topics that caught our attention this week, in today’s news bulletin.

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CounterTack Announces First International Partnership

Invasive network, workstation and server attacks aren’t unique to this side of the pond. And, despite advancements in security technology there is still a significant detection gap, with cyber attackers outpacing cyber defenses.

To help meet the growing need in the UK and European market for new approaches and solutions to help companies close that detection gap CounterTack announced its first international partnership with Preventia, a leading IT security specialist, boutique integrator and professional services provider in London.

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CounterTack News Bulletin – April 22, 2013

What We’re Reading this Week

According to the Verizon Data Breach Report there was a significant increase in the number of cyber-attacks in 2012. Despite massive investments in cybersecurity, this increase is further proof of the expanding detection gap and underscores the great need for fundamental and far-reaching change. These startling numbers illustrate increasing danger, not only to enterprise organizations, but also to industrial giants, governments and countries alike. Fortunately, we have seen a marked shift in the response from Washington and government entities around the world. Cyber security is on the tip of everyone’s tongues, from President Obama listing it as a top priority in Chinese relations to the President of Estonia penning a cybersecurity op-ed in the New York Times. With that, we bring you CounterTack’s first weekly news bulletin. In these bulletins, we’ll look back at the week to highlight and analyze key headlines, trends and developments across the information security industry that caught our attention:

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RSA Conference 2013: What a week it was!

On the heels of the RSA Conference last week, our entire CounterTack team is still buzzing with excitement about the show. The week was a whirlwind of dynamic presentations and panels, thought provoking discussions and demos, first-looks at the latest innovations across the security industry, and most importantly for us, a time to connect and engage with our customers, partners and peers. 

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