New Stealth Agent and Enhanced Analysis Engine in Scout 4

Posted by Nate Buell   |   May 8, 2013

Today we announced Scout 4, with a new kernel-level Stealth Agent and an enhanced analysis engine. These new features enable active defense solutions against in-progress attacks while significantly reducing dwell time - the time available for attackers to operate on the network and cause damage.

The new agent-based sensor architecture enables CT Scout 4 to support rapid and flexible deployment options that enable customers to implement active defenses and reduce attack dwell time. Deployed on both physical and virtual devices, the Stealth Agent provides great flexibility in deploying next-generation honeynets that not only help detect unknown threats, but also provide the intelligence on attacker means and motives necessary for implementing effective active defense countermeasures. The Stealth Agent can also be deployed directly on production systems as part of active defense strategies to accelerate countermeasures.

To learn more, see the full press release here.

Topics: Honeynets

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