CounterTack Whiteboard Endpoint Security Video Series Part IV: Digital DNA

Posted by Madeline Lee   |   February 28, 2018



Welcome to the fourth and final installment of CounterTack’s whiteboard video series. Here we will take a look how CounterTack uses Digital DNA to protect your endpoint security from known and unknown attacks.

Most standard AV products simply scan endpoint security and look at signatures to determine the presence of known threats. But what about unknown threats? CounterTack's Digital DNA scans live physical memory to identify potentially threatening behaviors and techniques. And then maps its traits and capabilities to determine if it acts like malware, even if the threat has never been seen before.

CounterTack’s endpoint solutions are available on-premise and hosted for organizations with large SOCs and experienced endpoint security teams.  Small to medium organizations can realize CounterTack value through the MDR services delivered by our MSSP partners.

Check out the video above and thank you for joining us.  Check out the other whiteboard videos one, two and three.

Topics: malware, cybersecurity, endpoint security, CounterTack, endpoint detection and response, DDNA, predictive analytics, big data, EPP, digital dna

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