CounterTack Whiteboard Video Series Part II: Predictive EDR

Posted by Madeline Lee   |   February 2, 2018



Welcome to the second installment of CounterTack’s whiteboard video series. In this video we take a look at CounterTack’s Predictive Endpoint Detection and Response solution.

CounterTack Predictive EDR is built on our powerful Endpoint Protection Platform which includes three things:

  1. A big data backend to store and manage threat data
  2. A detection layer, featuring CounterTack’s patented Digital DNA which reverse engineers the memory of a running process and examines the code for malicious behavior.
  3. An intelligence layer with Predictive Analytics, which identifies how bad a behavior is, and unlike other endpoint solutions, why it is bad, and what it can do.

Don’t rely on a passive threat management solution like AV or Legacy EDR that can only detect known threats. Get CounterTack’s active, intelligent, behavioral-based solution today!

Learn about CounterTack’s Predictive EDR solution in the video above! Check out our previous whiteboard video here.

Topics: malware, cybersecurity, endpoint security, CounterTack, EDR, endpoint detection and response, advanced attacks, fileless, DDNA, predictive analytics

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