The First Federally-Funded Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

Posted by Tom Bain   |   September 30, 2014

This news flew under the radar for the most part, and I neglected to pick this up in a timely fashion through my feeds. But MITRE announced that it was awareded $29M to start the first federall-funded cybersecurity of excellence of its kind. Reports also state that this initiative could receive over $5B over the next 25 years. 

Credit Paul Roberts of Security Ledger here for pushing this one out. the charter of the NCCoE is to fuel R&D efforts, according to NIST, to enhance the country's information systems. 

shutterstock_157816559What's interesting about this initiative is that the NCCoE will feature participants from academia, labs and business to push more innovation not necessarily just out of a government-funded initiative, but to leverage commercially-availabl

Will we see the next great configuration of an integrated endpoint-network-edge solution that captures a bug net over attacker's heads and delivers them to authorities? Who knows!!e solutions as a focal point of the charter. 


What's encoraging is that money is actually being spent to increase public-private collaboration in the face of advancing adversaries, and the impact that massive breaches and targeted attacks have on U.S. companies. Money talks and it looks like the current Administration is pushing this initaitve, rather than simply announing a new executive order

In a phrase made popular by the informant in the 1976 file All the President's Men, "Follow the money" rings true when funding is applied to an initiative that has been necessary for a long time. 

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