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Your Ransomware attacks Choices: The Bad, The Ugly and The Mean

You can’t read the news these days without being blasted with yet another Ransomware story. Almost daily, there seems to be a new variant, a new name, and inevitably, new victims. The rise of Ransomware attacks shouldn’t come as a surprise, since its execution is quite simple and the demands on the victims are not onerous.

Ransomware  is not like an APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) - there is no need for long-term stealth operation, no need to explore the victim’s networks and resources, no need to steal credentials and no need to quietly and patiently exfiltrate sensitive data. With Ransomware, an exploit kit opens the door, and BANG, there it is, your PC is displaying a ransom note with detailed instructions on how to pay.
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The Next Generation Endpoint Is Truly Here - Malware Security

The RSA Conference was an interesting experience, particularly for those in the endpoint malware security market, or those attempting to break into this emerging market. It seems everyone at this point has some type of endpoint play, regardless of their technology heritage, or prior security focus.

It was at the America’s Growth Capital conference, a simultaneous gathering of investors and security types, that perhaps one of the more interesting panels took place, albeit, the final panel session of the day. With 1 billion endpoints in need of help, its clear this is the hottest market across the broadening security industry. 

Malware security Issues

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Endpoint Security Makes Quantum Shift: Part III - Not Just for Ops

The SANS study asked respondents what percentage of their incident response pro­cesses are automated through the use of purpose-built tools for remediation workflow. Just 16% automate more than 51% of inci­dent response tasks. No wonder attackers go undetected for months or even years. And, no wonder we can’t deliver even the most fundamental answers to what happened in a breach.

Automation tends to spook IT profession­als. But you should be more afraid of what happens without it. We discuss automation in depth in our 2014 DevOps Survey report. DevOps is all about automation, and it can be a boon for security. It opens up architectural discussions and forces entrenched IT constit­uencies into a mature process, getting people to trust in repeatable and reliable automated processes.

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Cyber Resiliency is a Message That Resonates

I've been attending the Inbound Conference, hosted by HubSpot this week, to brush up on a few things in my discipline (Marketing). Speakers present new Marketing strategies, and mainly inspiration for Marketers to find truly different ways to communicate to audiences. Every session focuses on specific tactics, like blogging or email or telling better stories.

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Show Us the Way CryptoLocker!

Ransomware is a class of crimeware that locks down an infected system by preventing user’s access to their data stored locally or via accessible shared network drives. Access is only sometimes restored to the victim after a sum of money is transferred to a digitally remote blackmailer.

CryptoLocker is one of the latest variants in this family surfacing over the last few months has recently made some noise across the industry. Ransomware is one of the busiest (and most annoying) threats of 2013, and is experiencing another comeback tour so we decided it’s time to take a peek under the hood of the latest variant’s campaign to see what the author team is up to as of late and how different is the actual threat compared to the evasion techniques.

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CounterTack News Bulletin – May 6, 2013

What We’re Reading this Week

There are numerous options out there for enterprises looking to boost their cyber defenses – from downloadable freeware to seemingly impenetrable premium solutions, the array of options can seem endless. Though useful and important, nothing will keep today’s motivated cyber attackers from getting through. By now, many organizations have accepted this sobering truth, and have shifted their focus from keeping attackers OUT, to finding out what they are doing once they get IN. What motivates them? And how are they going to try to get what they’re after? We’ll examine this, and other topics that caught our attention this week, in today’s news bulletin.

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CounterTack News Bulletin – April 22, 2013

What We’re Reading this Week

According to the Verizon Data Breach Report there was a significant increase in the number of cyber-attacks in 2012. Despite massive investments in cybersecurity, this increase is further proof of the expanding detection gap and underscores the great need for fundamental and far-reaching change. These startling numbers illustrate increasing danger, not only to enterprise organizations, but also to industrial giants, governments and countries alike. Fortunately, we have seen a marked shift in the response from Washington and government entities around the world. Cyber security is on the tip of everyone’s tongues, from President Obama listing it as a top priority in Chinese relations to the President of Estonia penning a cybersecurity op-ed in the New York Times. With that, we bring you CounterTack’s first weekly news bulletin. In these bulletins, we’ll look back at the week to highlight and analyze key headlines, trends and developments across the information security industry that caught our attention:

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Worried about the next "Red October"?

Welcome to Day 1 of RSA Conference 2013!

During your time at the show, make sure to stop by the CounterTack booth (#2533) and see demonstrations of newly announced Deep System Inspection solutions:

- Next-generation honeynets

- Advanced attack analysis

- Production system monitoring

Additionally, you'll learn about new cyber counterintelligence research that led to the successful detection of "Red October."

Don't miss today's book signing event featuring Sean Bodmer, author of Reverse Deception: Organized Cyber Threat Counter-Exploitation today at 1:00 p.m. 

And after you check out our demo, you’ll be automatically entered to win a Vespa scooter – come see it at the booth!

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CounterTack Partners with Cymbel to Close the Detection Gap

We're pleased to announce that CounterTack has joined forces with Cymbel Corporation, a provider of next-generation defense-in-depth for information security, to provide next-generation enterprise cyber defense solutions to the market. 

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