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The Pitfalls Behind and Ahead: Part 2

The Pitfalls Behind and Ahead: Part 2

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CounterTack Announces First International Partnership

Invasive network, workstation and server attacks aren’t unique to this side of the pond. And, despite advancements in security technology there is still a significant detection gap, with cyber attackers outpacing cyber defenses.

To help meet the growing need in the UK and European market for new approaches and solutions to help companies close that detection gap CounterTack announced its first international partnership with Preventia, a leading IT security specialist, boutique integrator and professional services provider in London.

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CounterTack Partners with Cymbel to Close the Detection Gap

We're pleased to announce that CounterTack has joined forces with Cymbel Corporation, a provider of next-generation defense-in-depth for information security, to provide next-generation enterprise cyber defense solutions to the market. 

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CounterTack Heading to AGC, RSA Conferences

We’re pleased to share that CounterTack’s CEO Neal Creighton has been invited to present at America’s Growth Capital (AGC) Ninth Annual West Coast InfoSec and Technology Growth Conference on Monday, February 25, at the Westin San Francisco Market Street.

The AGC Conference will showcase the most innovative emerging growth companies, and feature dynamic panel discussions and presentations delivered by industry luminaries and leading executives of public and private information security enterprises. At the conference, Creighton will discuss the widening Detection Gap problem and how CounterTack’s innovations in deep system inspection technology are helping to close the Gap.

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The Problem is the Detection Gap

The New York Times attack is all over the news this morning.  We’re lucky in some ways that this happened to the Times.  As their security beat reporter, Nicole Perlroth, noted in an interview on NPR this morning, as a media company, the NYT staff was more willing to talk publicly about what happened than most organizations would be.  We don’t often see coverage of advanced attacks in such detail, but the problem is widely known, if not widely understood. 

I applaud the Times for recognizing a possible threat, being proactive in starting to monitor its network, and following through with strong incident response.  However, the account noted that there was evidence that the attackers had been in the NYT network for months before perpetrating this attack.  Indeed, Perlroth reported that, “Investigators still do not know how hackers initially broke into The Times’ systems.” 

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