Maroc Cyber Security Expands its Managed Security Service portfolio with CounterTack’s Predictive Endpoint Threat Platform, Delivering Proven Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Services

Waltham, MA – CounterTack, the leading provider of Predictive Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) technology for the enterprise and Maroc Cyber Security, the first pure Managed Security Service Provide (MSSP) based in Morocco and North Africa, today announced a partnership to broaden Maroc Cyber Security’s Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Service with CounterTack’s Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). CounterTack ETP enhances Maroc Security service offering with proven capabilities that allow enterprises worldwide to detect and respond to unknown malware, insider threat, data loss prevention, fileless malware, forensics and more.

Maroc Security Program delivers an end-to-end solution enabling customers to seamlessly secure critical information. The platform provides its security analysts with an investigation and analysis environment based on well-defined procedures such as investigation, circumvention, actions, intelligence and feedback. The platform also gives customers a portal in which they can view their network security posture. The addition of CounterTack ETP provides Maroc Endpoint Security customers’ the most comprehensive managed end point detection and response available today.

“We thoroughly evaluated multiple endpoint detection and response products to extend our end-to-end security platform,” stated Samir Boukharta, CEO of Maroc Cyber Security. “We knew we needed an innovative, high-performance, scalable solution for our customers. Not only did CounterTack exceed our technology requirements, they have an outstanding team that understands the needs of our customers. CounterTack brings the depth of security and the customer experience that is consistent with Maroc Cyber Security. Together, we will provide best-of-breed technology to protect our customers against current and future endpoint threats.”

CounterTack EDR has established itself as the only truly predictive enterprise endpoint detection and response solution with a comprehensive suite of features. EDR includes Digital DNA with its one-of-akind, patented real-time binary analysis for processes running in memory. With the ability to behaviorally detect and act on advanced malware, zero-days, insider threats, movement of sensitive files, multi-tenancy, cloud or on-premise deployment, an easily scalable infrastructure that supports deployments of hundreds of thousands of endpoints, and an underlying architecture that can ingest and process massive volumes of endpoint telemetry data with real-time analytics, ETP was the clear choice for Maroc Endpoint Security

“As more and more companies are being hit with serious security threats such as Ransomware, it is becoming clear that all companies – regardless of size – need a comprehensive end-to-end security solution that requires minimal resources,” said Neal Creighton, CEO of CounterTack. “By joining forces with Maroc Endpoint Security, we are providing a comprehensive endpoint detection and response platform and the needed cybersecurity experts to help companies keep today’s top threats at bay.”


About Maroc Endpoint Security
Maroc Cyber Security is the first pure Managed Security Service Provider based in Morocco and North Africa, it is powered by a strong harness of technology, processes and well trained people. Maroc Cyber Security offers to customers an end-to-end solution for securing their information and let them focus in growing their business. Maroc Cyber Security SOC platform is hosted in its own Secure Data Center which is among the first Certified Uptime tier 3 Data Centers in Morocco. To learn more, please visit:

Maroc Cyber Security CONTACT:

About GoSecure
GoSecure is recognized as a leader and innovator in cybersecurity solutions. The company is the first and only to integrate endpoint, network, and email threat detection into a single Managed Detection and Response service. The GoSecure Titan platform delivers predictive multi-vector detection, prevention, and response by applying a unique combination of behavioral analysis, memory forensics, machine learning, and reputational techniques to counter the most advanced threats. GoSecure Titan MDR is designed to detect and respond in less than 15 minutes, delivering rapid response and active mitigation services that directly touch the customers’ network and endpoints. These capabilities provide the most effective response to the increased sophistication of continuously evolving malware and malicious insiders that target people, processes, and systems. With a focus on innovation, quality, integrity, and respect, GoSecure has become the trusted provider of cybersecurity products and services to organizations of all sizes across all industries globally.

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