Leadership from our Red Team and Research and Development Team discuss their findings on Social Network Manipulation, Honeypots and Pentesting.

Waltham, MA – RSA 2019 San Francisco. GoSecure powered by CounterTack, the recognized leader and innovator in cybersecurity solutions will be hosting two technical sessions at the 2019 RSA Conference.  Join our Red Team and Research and Development Team leaders for insightful presentations on Social Network Manipulation, Honeypots and Pentesting.


The Industry of Social Network Manipulation: From Botnets to Hucksters

Join Olivier Bilodeau, Director of Cybersecurity Research, and Masarah Paquet-Clouston, Security Researcher at GoSecure powered by CounterTack.  Learn about an IoT botnet research project that led to the discovery of the wholesale industry behind social network manipulation.  From traffic fingerprinting to panel clustering and forum inquiries, the presenters will uncover the whole supply chain: malware suppliers, bulk resellers, panel software providers and hucksters.  Olivier and Masarah will also expose the revenue division in the chain, which is not as may be expected.

March 4
9:55 to 10:25
Moscone Center

Emerging Threats Session: SEM-M03


Trapping Bears with Honeypots // Sharing Tricks and Techniques to Lure Bad Guys

Honeypots are an effective way to lure attackers into delivering malware samples and showing tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs). Olivier Bilodeau will discuss the next steps to take with these systems: which protocols should we support, RDP, SCADA/ICS and web, ease of secure deployment, automation, multi-machine environments, interactivity (full vs. low) and increasing the collaboration with open or shared source.

March 6
2:50 to 3:40
Moscone Center

Session: P2P1-W12


Schrödinger’s Pentest: Scoping Entanglement

Laurent Desaulnier, Red Team Lead at GoSecure powered by CounterTack, will lead a discussion on the value of Pentesting for today’s cybersecurity.  Pentesting has been proclaimed dead on numerous occasions. Yet the offensive security industry still thrives, and pentesting is a hard requirement for compliance and risk management frameworks. What led to such a discrepancy? Could pentesting paradoxically be both alive and dead? In this presentation, Laurent will discuss how to differentiate between buzzwordtesting and real-world security testing.

March 7
13:30 to 14:20
Moscone West 3001

Session: TECH-R09

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