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Are Sextortion Spammers Making Money?

Summary of a research that uncovers the sextortion spamming scheme

This week, our cybersecurity researcher presents the Spams meet Cryptocurrencies: Sextortion in the Bitcoin Ecosystem research results, at the Advances in Financial Technologies (AFT) academic conference in Zürich. This research, also covered by the MIT technology review, is extensive: it involves an analysis of over 4 million sextortion spams and their associated payments in the Bitcoin ecosystem, to estimate the lower-bound revenue of this new extortion scheme. The research was completed in collaboration with Matteo Romiti and Bernhard Haslhofer from the Austrian Institute of Technology and Tomáš Charvát from VirusFree. The blog post below is a quick review of the main research findings.

Credit: teguhjatipras & mohamed_hassan from Pixabay

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Topics: Email Phishing, bitcoin, sextortion

Upcoming WEIS presentation: Ransomware Payment in the Bitcoin Ecosystem

In the past year, we developed a data-driven method for identifying, quantifying, and comparing ransom payments in the Bitcoin ecosystem from 35 ransomware families. The study was conducted in partnership with Bernhard Haslhofer from the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) and Benoît Dupont from the Université de Montréal (UdeM). It resulted in a paper that will be presented at the 17th Annual Workshop on the Economics of Information Security (WEIS2018) in Innsbruck, Austria, besides renowned academic researchers.

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Topics: Ransomware, bitcoin, cybercrime

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