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Symantec integrates CounterTack’s behavioral-based memory analysis engine to enhance detection of advanced malware and threat indicators

San Francisco, CA – Today at the RSA Conference 2017, CounterTack, the exclusive provider of the industry’s one true memory analysis platform for the enterprise, announced its Digital DNA (DDNA) Ecosystem. Through the Ecosystem, partners can integrate the market’s only comprehensive behavior-based memory analysis intelligence engine, Digital DNA (DDNA). Symantec is the newest partner to join CounterTack’s unique ecosystem to integrate the DDNA technology into its Malware Analysis solution.

“As we strive to protect customers against today’s increasingly advanced and malicious threats, it’s critical to integrate seamless detection and analysis layers into our offerings,” said Peter Doggart, vice president business development, Symantec. “Partnering with CounterTack allows us to offer customers a new level of innovative memory threat analysis, behavioral detection and forensic capabilities.”

Symantec is currently integrating DDNA and shipping to customers. The company joins other DDNA Ecosystem partners including Digital Guardian, announced in 2016. Participating partners can leverage the unparalleled memory forensics and behavioral analysis capabilities that detect zero-days, fileless malware and other threat indicators that often go undetected by signature-based detection. DDNA analyzes the binaries in-memory with a behavior-based algorithm to expose purpose-built, anti-forensic measures architected into the most advanced malware impacting organizations today.

“The next iteration of our DDNA licensing program will help partners better defend their customers against the stealthiest malware,” said Neal Creighton, CEO, CounterTack. “DDNA empowers organizations to add not only just another layer of threat detection, but a radically different technique in introspecting memory to bolster detection, and help partners better predict how threats might execute and proliferate.”

DDNA is the only patented memory analysis technology that automatically reverse-engineers memory images, examining code for potentially malicious behavioral traits & threats.  Integrating ThreatScan PRO, it leverages a cloud-based easy-to-deploy, memory-based endpoint threat scanning solution to assess environments for malware infections and other indicators of compromise. DDNA integrates seamlessly into products and services via API, driver and library, offering immediate value to improve threat detection and value for service offerings.

Key Capabilities of DDNA:

  • Scans live physical memory or memory snapshots
  • Identifies behaviors and techniques rather than patterns and signatures
  • Calculates a module-level threat score based on identified behaviors
  • Detects malicious software, APTs, zero-days, and rootkits that traditional anti-virus software can’t detect

For more information and demos, the company is exhibiting at RSA at booth 1221, South Hall.

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