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Email Security (formerly ePrism)

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User Guides

Personal Dashboard
Online Knowledgebase

Upgrade Guides

Getting Started Guides (Managed Appliances)

Administration Guides

System Administrator
Online Knowledgebase

Account Administrator
Online Knowledgebase

MAG Appliance Branding

Syslog Server Configurations

Release Notes

V11.7.3 – September 2021
V11.7.2 Hosted – March 2021
V11.7.1 Hosted – January 2021
V11.7 – October 2020
V11.6.3 – August 2020
V11.6.2 – July 2020
V11.6.1 – June 2020
V11.6 – April 2020
V11.5 – October 2019
V11.4 – June 2019
V11.3.1 – March 2019
V11.3 – Nov/Dec 2018
V11.2.1 – September 2018
V11.2 – June 2018
V11.1.1 – March 2018
V11.1 – January 2018
V11.0 – September 2017

Developer Guides

Provisioning API
Online Knowledgebase

Verifier XML Syntax

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